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We at Azure Beds and our IT affiliate Premier IT Zone have supreme commitment towards safeguarding customer interests and to respect their core values since customers are supreme to us and their preference is our source of profound business inspiration. In case of our Privacy Policy, it dictates as to how do we manipulate any type of customer supplied info and the core essence of that information and how does it precisely identify you.

However, it should kindly be mindful that all of the terms and conditions of our Privacy Policy is subject to change from time to time, but always in the best of the interest of the customers and hence, customers should check upon our privacy policy aspects at regular intervals.

Myriad type of info that we collect from customers are as mentioned below:

Personal information is collected, such as names, addresses, email addresses and their cell numbers and home phone numbers and such info is provided by customers themselves, when they fill up the customer forms onto our portal. Besides, we also receive information in regard to the popular use of our portal..

As a matter of usual fact, we receive customer queries for the following purpose and they are being provided useful assistance accordingly as well as momentarily:

Like other portals over the sprawling internet, cookies may also be manipulated by us. As we know, cookies are the limited chunks of data which a website transmits to the user portal for the purpose of record keeping. Further, cookies are also found to be useful in making a specific website note the significant information which would enable efficiency while users would interact with the website.

Cookies are resources which keep track of records of users when they re-visit the particular website and to get indulged in certain kind of limited competition and to figure out the average clicks onto our portal on monthly or fortnightly or yearly or half-yearly basis. However, web browsers can be set to decline the acceptance of certain cookies or to alert you when a cookie is being incorporated into your system. Conversely, if all the cookies are being disabled or deleted, reaping benefits of all the useful features of the website would not be possible by any means.

We hereby affirm that for a detailed information about the essence of cookies, please refer to our cookie use page.

How user information is being manipulated which is collected from users:

Personal info collected may be used for any of the following purposes:

  • To enable us to render exclusive service in the most personalized and more refurbished manner.
  • To identify your preferences and to record your inclination so as to develop customer friendly marketing strategy and to market our business trends and to inform about the ongoing discounts and sales information to our dedicated customers