Welcome to Azure beds

Term of Cancellations and Returns:

Every piece of bed is well thought of and every unique style is widely considered and hence owing to our enormity in such selling expertise, we feel confident that our beds would be preferred by our customers and would be cherished at all times. We also offer 7 days of money back guarantee which starts from the day you receive the item as we are sure, such a scenario would never come. While in our 7 years of beds selling and delivering glorious experience, only twice, our goods are returned but that too, because of some of their personal cum egoistic reasons while nothing was wrong with the items.

If you still intend to return our item, such can be arranged through our delivery team while this would involve a nominal cost of £69 while the refund would take place upon collecting the item back.

It must be clear hereby, that items liable to be returned, should be in their proper packaging and seals should not be broken either.

For Exchange / For Replacements:

For any of our item beds, if any of the spare parts are found to be misplaced, then we can provide the missing screws or parts as soon as possible after the notification from your side. For such cases, we would need to be notified within 2 days of any damage unearthed from our product beds.

While for returns, we would prefer the goods to be in original form and in proper original packs, while for the beds which would be assembled and seals would be broken, we would be regrettable for exchanges. Once again, goods which would lose their original shape and texture, would not be liable to get returned. Further, for seeking replacements of damaged parts, images or the photographic evidences would be needed to ensure consideration for such cases.

Finally, for seeking the next day delivery, please call us or email us and our friendly customer care department would tell you if such an option is viable from our side. It should also be known that Azure Beds would not reveal any of your personal information with any third party or any organization at any time, while your contact numbers and emails would be kept safe according to the Data Protection Act of 1998. Delivery charges should enquired prior to making orders and charges would vary as per the postal codes.